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AsiaSat 8 to Complete Reference Performance Testing in September

AsiaSat 8, AsiaSat’s latest Ku and Ka-band satellite, will complete Reference Performance Testing (RPT) of the payload and bus subsystems in September. Measurements from the RPT will help confirm that the payload meets the demanding AsiaSat requirements.

AsiaSat 6 Undergoing Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum Testing

AsiaSat 6, one of AsiaSat’s latest satellites, is in the process of Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum (SCTV) testing to ensure the bus subsystems of the satellite meet the performance and environmental requirements for safe on orbit operation.

AsiaSat @ CommunicAsia 2013

AsiaSat exhibited at CommunicAsia 2013 on 18-21 June in Singapore. Over 25,000 trade visitors from around the world attended the event.