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AsiaSat wins MEDIAPRO 4K top tier soccer distribution deal using AsiaSat 9 VIEW PDF
AsiaSat gets second patent on “Methods and Systems for Improving Spectrum Utilisation for Satellite Communications” VIEW PDF
AsiaSat Reports 2018 Interim Results VIEW PDF
AsiaSat Distributes Live Coverage of 2018 Asian Games VIEW PDF
AsiaSat appoints Ina Lui Senior Vice President, Commercial, Business Development and Strategy VIEW PDF
Sports Star of Pakistan adds HD channel ‘Public News’ on AsiaSat 7 VIEW PDF
AsiaSat collaborates with KBZ to provide OTT via satellite video service in Myanmar VIEW PDF
AsiaSat seeks collaborative efforts to implement measures protecting existing satellite services against interference from future 5G networks VIEW PDF
Ina Lui joins AsiaSat as VP of Business Development & Strategy VIEW PDF
AsiaSat announces senior executive promotions Fred Ho and Fred Vong promoted to Vice President positions VIEW PDF