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AsiaSat urges Communications Authority to protect satellite services against interference from future 5G networks

In a letter to the Communications Authority, AsiaSat addresses the issues with the initial proposals to solve issues of future interference...

New AsiaSat Technical Whitepaper - Gateway Network Rollout Methods for a Future VHTS System

This paper describes and compares various configurations and gateway network rollout methods for a Future VHTS System.

New AsiaSat Technical Whitepaper - Future HTS Satellite Output Section Design

This paper describes and compares the feasible output section technologies and implementation configurations that can practically improve the future HTS’ throughput and flexibility.

AsiaSat Supporting China Telecom’s Expansion of In-flight Services

In-flight connectivity has been a hot topic in China, and only last month our CEO Andrew Jordan highlighted aviation as a key avenue for the satellite communication industry, shining some optimism on its potential for AsiaSat.

AsiaSat @ CASBAA & CommunicAsia 2017

AsiaSat featured in one of the biggest and best shows in the Satcomm industry - CommunicAsia 2017

AsiaSat 9 Update - Satellite Pre-Ship Review (SPSR)

AsiaSat 9 Satellite Pre-Ship Review (SPSR) was successfully held on 7 Apr 2017 at Space Systems Loral (SSL).

AsiaSat Q&A in Satellite Finance

Satellite Finance has conducted a Q&A interview with AsiaSat CEO Andrew Jordan

New AsiaSat Technical Whitepaper - Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI)

New AsiaSat Technical Whitepaper - Reviews Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) - Effects and Causes on Ku-band DTH Network

APSCC Interview with Andrew Jordan, President & CEO of AsiaSat

Interview with Andrew Jordan in APSCC's Q2 2017 Newsletter

Market Series Part Two: AsiaSat in Mongolia

Part 2 of our series on AsiaSat 9, and how our new Satellite will change the future for markets in Asia.