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Pioneered IFC service in Asia with AsiaSat's Ku-band capacity supporting in-flight broadband services on the Asia to Europe flight corridor since 2004


In-flight Connectivity Services Powered by AsiaSat

  • High speed Internet access (email, browsing, Wi-Fi, social media)
  • Voice
  • Video conferencing
  • In-flight shopping, meal choice
  • Television - live TV and VOD
  • Entertainment service

Why AsiaSat?

  • Over 15 years of experience in serving global IFC service providers
  • Wide ranging capacity options over Asia's busiest airline routes
  • High-powered Ku-band beams designed with overlapping coverage to enable seamless handover of communication in motion
  • Cross-strap Ku-band beam switching capability for flexible and extended coverage
  • Senior orbital slot filings allowing the use of smaller antenna for optimal performance
  • High service reliability to support critical communications
  • Professional operational and engineering team
  • Dedicated customer service with 24/7 Customer Network Centre