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Secure and reliable connectivity for businesses and consumers

Data Connectivity Solutions tailored for your needs


AsiaSat’s VSAT-based solutions, compatible with both conventional and advanced transmission standards, such as DVB-S/-S2/-S2X, support data connectivity for a wide range of industries and businesses, connecting corporate, enterprises and governments for inter-office communications, point-of-sales and remote site networking, also serving various industries including oil and gas, banking and finance, securities and stock exchange, printing, mining, and for services such as tele-education, tele-medicine and disaster recovery.


AsiaSat provides the essential backhaul links for fixed and mobile networks, reaching out to remote regions and rural areas where terrestrial infrastructure is inadequate or economically infeasible. AsiaSat satellites serve to complement network operators’ existing terrestrial networks, allowing them to expand service coverage more rapidly and economically, enabling fast deployment of users’ locations within AsiaSat’s powerful coverage.

Consumer Broadband

Satellite enables internet service available at broadband speeds, even in distant and isolated locations. Our extensive satellite coverage provides high-quality, cost-effective solutions to service providers and network operators serving consumers over a wide area and in remote regions. AsiaSat has over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative broadband solutions including supporting the first ‘broadband via satellite’ consumer service to rural and remote homes in Australia.

Managed Services

AsiaSat offers end-to-end integrated solutions for secure and reliable data connectivity for multiple sites over a wide area or serving as communication link with remote and distant location. These highly scalable and flexible solutions include high-powered satellite capacity, terrestrial links, dedicated hub and teleport infrastructure, professional engineering support in network design and deployment, and compact and easy to install satellite terminals.

Why AsiaSat?

  • Wide range of C and Ku-band capacity options
  • Dedicated high-powered Ku beams for high throughput connectivity with cross strapping capability to enhance flexibility in coverage
  • Excellent look angles across beam coverage
  • Senior orbital slot filings to enable high throughput
  • Highly scalable in supporting operators’ network deployment and expansion
  • 30+ years of proven experience in providing network operators and service operators with quality service
  • High service reliability to support critical communications
  • Professional team of operational and engineering expertise
  • Dedicated customer services with 24/7 Customer Network Centre
  • Win-win collaborative approach to offer the best value service

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