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Asia Video Summit 2018

Start Date: 29/10/2018

End Date: 1/11/2018

Conference: Asia Video Summit 2018

Category: Broadcast/Media

Location: Hong Kong


Organiser: CASBAA


30 Oct, 07:35am - Senior Vice President of Commercial, Business Development and Strategy, Ina Lui will host the Keynote Conversation; and then Ina will join the panel discussion of "Video Delivery Through Satellite": Satellite operators will discuss their roles in the video delivery; what are their prioritisations for video businesses; what trends are we seeing with pricing; how is satellite adapting to mobile viewing; what are the benefits for broadcasters choosing a hybrid offer of linear TV reception via satellite and on-demand services via OTT; are we seeing more 4K channels coming on board?

30 Oct, 09:45am - CEO, Dr. Roger Tong will join the panel discussion of "Where is the Business Going?": Key executives from major firms will shed light on their views on the industry after the current wave of mergers and what’s next. Where is growth coming from, and can this only come from diversification? Is OTT being treated as a separate business or just a continuation of current businesses?

1 Nov, 13:10pm - Vice President of Engineering, Fred Vong will join the panel discussion of "The Roles of Satellite in Delivering 5G for Video Delivery": Satellite communications will be an essential part of the 5G infrastructure. We will discuss about spectrum and frequency – what is the best way forward to deliver 5G; What is the value of C band spectrum and does it make sense to keep it for longer term to generate even more profits; How will be the new 5G services compare with 4G that the latter doesn’t have; How will 5G be rolled out: mainly in cities or rural areas or both? And how does that have an impact on video applications especially in households?