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CASBAA Satellite Industry Forum 2017

Keynote Address by Mr. Andrew Jordan, President & CEO, AsiaSat

"Coming Back to Asia – the Challenges and Opportunities" - 22 May (Mon) 09:15 at Four Seasons Ballroom Foyer, 2/F

Asia Pacific Satellite Leadership Round Table

"What are the key changes since last year? Are we already losing the 5G spectrum battle while it’s still just a gleam in the ITU’s eye? How are the smaller customers making margin and how are the satellite operators “helping” them?" - 22 May (Mon) 09:45 at Four Seasons Ballroom Foyer, 2/F

Panelist: Mr. Andrew Jordan, President & CEO, AsiaSat

Start Date: 22/5/2017

End Date: 22/5/2017

Conference: CASBAA Satellite Industry Forum 2017

Category: Satcom

Location: Singapore


Organiser: CASBAA