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CASBAA Satellite Industry Forum

Start Date: 25/6/18

End Date: 25/6/18

Conference: CASBAA Satellite Industry Forum

Category: Broadcast

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore


Organiser: CASBAA


08:00am - CCO, Barrie Woolston will feature on the Breakfast Briefing "Proposals for C-band spectrum reallocation within the United States and the potential ramifications for the Asian broadcast industry"

09:15am - Senior Advisor, Andrew Jordan delivers the Welcome Address

09:50am - CEO Dr. Roger Tong will join the panel discussion "Executive Satellite Leadership Roundtable": With capacity pricing falling at a rate of knots, how will satellite operators make their margins? Will the new HTS and NGSO players be game changers or ‘Widow Makers’? Or are they a solution chasing a problem?

3:10pm - CCO, Barrie Woolston will join the panel discussion "The Future of Video – Linear or IPTV?": What’s the future for linear TV, or is OTT / IPTV going to completely take over? Is the sky really falling or will linear continue to outlive its detractors? News of its demise has for some time been exaggerated but might it even emerge Phoenix-like in a new incarnation?