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APSCC 2017 Satellite Conference and Exhibition

Fred Ho, Director of Technical Operations will be lending his expertise at APSCC 2017 at the following programs:

Cybersecurity - Providing Mission Critical, Highly Reliable, and Secure Connectivity

Given the reliance of national economies on secure communications, evolving attacks by criminals, terrorists, and nation-states properly concern national leaders and the private sector. The cyber threat environment is complex, and the stakes are high. While no system can be perfectly secure, each organization’s commitment to foundational security principles helps all contributors to the industry, from software vendors to equipment manufacturers and service providers. This session will reveal how the satellite industry is improving cyber-security in a complex and dynamic environment.

Speaker • Fred Ho, Director, AsiaSat

What Happens in between the Satellite and Earth

There are a lot of forms and elements in the operation field to deliver satellite communication services. Among them, the radio frequency portion is what makes satellite communication unique compared to other communication services. This session will talk about how important operation is in providing satellite services, and also will deliver you the new developments, new movements of the industry to keep the sky clean and stable.

Speaker • Fred Ho, Director, Asiasat