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Carrier Lineup Testing

Lineup Test


Before a customer activates its service on AsiaSat satellites, AsiaSat's support team assists customers in performing carrier lineup testing including carrier power alignment, modulation verification, and cross polarisation discrimination. Line-up testing is a pre-requisite prior to any access to AsiaSat satellites. This is to ensure that customer's antenna and associated equipment meet the mandatory requirement and the expected performance, and that uplink signals are accurately transmitted to the satellite's receive antenna. It is an important measure to protect customers' networks from interference.

User is required to perform lineup test whenever user builds, expands or modifies its uplink earth station, or when occasional user prepares to uplink its services. User will be requested to follow the strict procedures of lineup testing to achieve high degree of operational reliability and availability for all users' networks.

Please send an email to us for information on lineup test preparation and procedure.