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Approved Antennas & Electronics

Approved Antennas and Electronics


To streamline the process of qualifying customers’ equipment accessing AsiaSat satellites, AsiaSat's engineering team type-approves antennas and electronics used in satellite communications systems. This helps ensure equipment used by customer operates at high technical standards and meet AsiaSat's operating performance requirements, also guarantees the equipment of the same model provides consistent performance.

For users who use type-approved antennas or electronics, there is no requirement for on-site testing and qualification, enabling the user to deploy its service more rapidly in particular advantageous for SNG operators.

Type-approved equipment can be used for virtually any application, available for both C- and Ku-band operation, and for either fixed or transportable units. The most typical uses are for fixed VSAT networks and fly-away SNG systems.

Please send an email to us for information on on type-approved procedure.

Approved C-band & Ku-band Antennas and Electronic Equipment