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2015 年 07 月 20 日 20 July 2015
Join AsiaSat’s Efforts to Protect our C-band Satellite Networks
Vicky Wong, Senior Communications Systems Engineer


White Paper: Join AsiaSat’s Efforts to Protect our C-band Satellite Networks

This paper presents the importance of C-band for Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) and explicitly identifies the threats of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) and International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) on the C-band Satellite Networks. To protect the vital FSS services operating in C-band and safeguard against the detrimental impact from BWA/IMT, it is instrumental that all administrations says “NO” to any further IMT identification in C-band at the WRC-15.

Under the unfortunate conditions where countries have licensed extended C-band to BWA/IMT, this paper discusses ways to mitigate these interference effects. An update on the C-band licensing situation in the Asia-Pacific countries, how to register C-band earth stations and its regulatory benefits and site mitigation through proper pre-LNA/ pre-LNB waveguide filter selection are covered.

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