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2016 年 03 月 12 日 12 March 2016
AsiaSat 9 Launch Vehicle Preliminary Design Review (PDR) successfully completed in Moscow


AsiaSat has successfully completed the launch vehicle PDR for AsiaSat 9 in Moscow at Khrunichev facility.  AsiaSat 9 will be launched using the upgraded, higher capability Phase IV Proton-M rocket with Breeze M upper stage.  The upgraded Phase IV Proton-M rocket has been qualified to provide a higher performance lift capability for AsiaSat 9. This includes lighter structure, better propellant management and other associated improvements.  The upgraded launch vehicle performance will provide AsiaSat 9 with more fuel margin to exceed the planned in-orbit maneuver life.



During the three party PDR meeting (AsiaSat, the AsiaSat 9 manufacturer Space Systems/Loral and launch vehicle subcontractor Khrunichev Space Center/International Launch Services), all aspects of the launch vehicle design and qualification, spacecraft to launch vehicle interfaces and mission parameters were thoroughly reviewed.  Production schedule of the rocket was reviewed and manufacturing progress demonstrated full compliance to supporting the launch date of AsiaSat 9.





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