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AsiaSat Announces 4K-SAT logo

Selected from the many creative ideas of AsiaSat staff, the winner - Catherine Chang, General Counsel of AsiaSat, was presented an award for her creativity and ingenuity.

AsiaSat gave a presentation on Ultra-HD (UHD) broadcasting via satellite last week in International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society

Alan Wong, Manager of Sales Solutions from AsiaSat gave a presentation on Ultra-HD (UHD) broadcasting via satellite and our recently announced "4K-SAT" channel to broadcast and media practitioners last week.

AsiaSat's "4K-SAT" at October's Events: CASBAA Convention 2015 & ABU GA 2015

AsiaSat just excitedly introduced the new free-to-air Ultra HD channel “4K-SAT” and new deals at October's Asia-Pacific TV events: the CASBAA Convention 2015 in Hong Kong and the ABU GA and Associated Meetings in Istanbul, Turkey.

Teletimes' Exclusive Interview With William Wade, President & CEO of AsiaSat

Teletimes’ September 2015 issue publishes an exclusive interview with William Wade, President & CEO of AsiaSat. He elaborated the rationale behind the latest rebrand campaign and the key focus of AsiaSat services. Also about AsiaSat’s UHD initiative, and new market trends that are shaping the satellite industry .

#3 AsiaSat 9 Bi-propellant Tanks Installed

The bi-propellant tanks installed inside the central cylinder, AsiaSat 9’s main body. What’s next? In preparation for propulsion subsystems testing!

The Evolution and Impact of Ultra HD

In this paper, we will touch some critical technical aspects of Ultra HD on the development and feasibility. And then we will walk you through the efforts that AsiaSat has been working on so far for this area.

#2 AsiaSat 9 Subsystems Integration Making Good Progress

Integration activities of AsiaSat 9’s communication panels were under way. 114 kg of spacecraft wiring were secured to the panels. Unit installations are ongoing with electrical testing conducted to verify the health of the integrated units.

Join AsiaSat’s Efforts to Protect our C-band Satellite Networks

Come and read AsiaSat's latest white paper presenting the importance of C-band for Fixed Satellite Service (FSS), and identifying the threats of BWA and IMT on the C-band Satellite Networks and ways to mitigate these interference effects.

#1 AsiaSat 9 Passes Critical Main Body Structural Testing in June 2015

AsiaSat 9’s main body – the central cylinder passed all critical structural testing this month. Next step: preparation for propulsion subsystem integration.

AsiaSat at CASBAA SIF and CommunicAsia: Executive Insights and the Company’s Industry Initiatives

AsiaSat's vast experience and quality services were showcased to an international audience earlier this month in Singapore at the CASBAA Satellite Industry Forum and the CommunicAsia Exhibition and Conference.