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2016 年 05 月 10 日 10 May 2016
Satellite Interference Geolocation Considerations
Paul Chan

Interference is a problematic issue causing significant impact to satellite communications and sometimes making the satellite frequency spectrum unusable. When satellite operators experience interference, they may require to relocate their customers in a temporary frequency slot for service recovery until the interference issue is resolved. The effectiveness of utilizing assigned spectrum resource in the outer space is a major goal to keep an operator successful. To achieve this goal, geolocation is a practical and proactive method to locate the source of interference and help tackle interference issues.

In this paper, we will deep dive the phenomenon of interference in satellite communication.And then we will walk you through how AsiaSat is willing to be partnering and contributing to the advanced technology of geolocation in the industry. We are committed to providing interference free environment and ever better service to all customers and affiliates. Let’s continue to work together.


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