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2018 年 01 月 30 日 30 January 2018
New AsiaSat Technical Whitepaper - Gateway Network Rollout Methods for a Future VHTS System

This paper presents some concepts on the VHTS gateway rollout scheme. The practical implementation of these concepts may be tied to specific satellite payload designs and the available space-ground segments control management system features.


With the advanced technology development in the multi-beam High Throughput Satellite (HTS) industry, the achievable capacity of a single HTS can be further enhanced to more than 500 Gbps and become a Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS) system. To realize such enhancement, the ground gateway system deployment must be carefully designed and implemented. In principle, the total amount of usable capacity of a VHTS is directly proportional to the total number of active gateways in the whole network.

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