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2017 年 04 月 19 日 19 April 2017
Market Series Part Two: AsiaSat in Mongolia

Part Two: AsiaSat in Mongolia

The launch of AsiaSat 9 will bring a new dedicated beam for the entirety of Mongolia, once again showing the commitment AsiaSat has to the people of the region, after successfully connecting their capital city Ulaanbaatar to the rest of the country and the entire world in the 1990s via satellite.

With enhanced coverage and excellent transmission power over the region from the orbital slot of 122°E, AsiaSat 9 will offer superb look angles across the wide landscape of Mongolia to bring services that the country shall benefit from. Offering a brand-new dedicated Ku-band beam for Mongolia, it will champion technological advancement where smaller dishes will equate to lower costs of enjoying communications services, and entertainment on television, from live sports, news and even UHD channels.

AsiaSat innovates to bring connectivity to the people, something that has historically been difficult for residents in remote areas which will unlikely have access to modern fiber networks soon. The mobile backhaul capabilities that will be made possible via AsiaSat 9 have not been a coincidence, with a specific focus on providing a strong connection between the rural mountainous areas and deserts to the central cities, ensuring the requirement that telecommunications increase in efficiency. Corporate network support for popular industries such as Mining may also be enhanced by satellite networks, ensuring businesses are connected and secure.  

AsiaSat distributes a variety of TV channels via satellite for retransmission by local terrestrial and pay TV stations to home viewers. Also available for reception via C-band antenna are free to air channels. AsiaSat serves TV broadcasters in Asia and around the world, with ample experience in supporting local TV stations in Mongolia with cost efficient content distribution and Occasional Use services.

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