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AsiaSat 9 Update - Spacecraft Dynamics & Acoustic Testing

AsiaSat 9 spacecraft has successfully completed the dynamics test phase.

Power Combining Techniques for Earth Station Radio Frequency Uplink Systems

A comparison of the new Wideband Diplexing Configuration against the traditional Uplink system.

AsiaSat's Ng Wai Fai discusses "UHDTV 4K - Acquisition and Distribution" at SMPTE panel

Ng Wai Fai discusses the future of UHD on the SMTPE-HK panel...

Testing AsiaSat 9 in a Simulated Space Environment

AsiaSat 9 enters the thermal vacuum chamber for weeks of testing.

AsiaSat at 53rd Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union General Assembly

AsiaSat attends the 53rd annual Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union General Assembly in Bali Indonesia.

C-band interference due to aircraft and how to mitigate its impact

This paper will examine the causes of interference due to aircraft and how to mitigate its impact to enable the best quality of services.

Update on AsiaSat 9

AsiaSat 9 has been proceeding smoothly as planned. Let's take a look at the manufacturing side and some other recent progress. 

Stanley Earth Station

As you know, one of AsiaSat’s earth stations locates in the beautiful Stanley Peninsula of Hong Kong and you will need to apply for a permit from the military who guard there before your entry. What happened there? Why is it strictly controlled like that? Let’s dive into some historical stories here

Challenges of Launching a Real Full-time UHD Channel on a Satellite

This is a new white paper on UHD technology from AsiaSat, examining some of the challenges that broadcasters and content providers would face in launching a full-time UHD channel via satellite, and some recommendations and solutions from the industry.

Farewell to Haiming Zhang

To thank Haiming for his years of dedicated service and the significant contribution he has made to our company, AsiaSat Hong Kong office and Beijing office threw two separated tearful farewell parties for him in the past few months.

Can you guess the total length of AsiaSat 9's wingspan? - Enter your Email and see the answer!