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Occasional Use (OU)


AsiaSat has been offering Asia's prime Occasional Use (OU) platforms for distributing sports and news events for 28 years.

The full range of C-band and Ku-band capacity across our satellite fleet ensures seamless connectivity that supports delivery of global, regional or local events, in SD, HD or even UHD.

Our dedicated OU and 24 hours Booking Centre are committed to providing high quality, reliable and flexible service to meet your needs in any recurring, scheduled fixed time, live events, breaking news or emergency communications usage.

Why AsiaSat

  • Accessibility, reliability and stability are crucial to the rapid deployment of efficient mission-critical satellite coverage of Occasional Use (OU) events along with disaster recovery capacity during emergencies
  • With extensive experience of providing the highest quality OU services, AsiaSat offers prime OU Platforms with exceptional customised and cost effective distribution of live sports, news, entertainment and special events in SD, HD and UHD formats
  • AsiaSat’s comprehensive C-band coverage runs from Turkey to New Zealand and across the rest of Asia, Middle East and Central Asia guaranteeing connectivity. Meanwhile, our high-powered, switchable Ku-band beams deliver live-action and special events to and from any location
  • With instantaneous access to the full range of Asian terrestrial TV and pay-TV headends, as well as telcos, our tailor-made solutions seamlessly mesh with regional teleports and portable flyaway systems
  • Supported by our 24/7 Customer Network Centre, the dedicated AsiaSat OU team provides swift and tailored service for recurring and ad hoc live events, breaking news and emergency communications

OU Milestones

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What our OU service promises

  • Comprehensive C-band and Ku-band coverage
  • Tailored solutions - per minute, per hour or per month
  • 24x7 OU Customer Network Centre and customer service
  • Superior access and look angles over Asia and Australasia
  • Simple and convenient booking procedures
  • Full value added services with fibre links, uplinking and playout facilities from Hong Kong and worldwide partners
  • Dedicated and responsive OU Team fully committed to service quality and reliability
  • Strong neighbourhood of Asian broadcasters



If you need more information, please contact us now.