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AsiaSat Technical Resource Centre

AsiaSat Technical Resource Centre

AsiaSat White Paper : Choosing the Right Spectrum for 5G

Higher data rates, ultra-low latency and massive machine-type connections, these are some of the promises of the fifth generation (5G) mobile communication that have caught tremendous media attention.....

May 2020 

AsiaSat White Paper:A Real-World Case in Solving a Problem with BPF Installation

This white paper summarises what AsiaSat has learned from troubleshooting a problem involving BPF installation....

Apr 2020

AsiaSat 5G Interference Rejection Bandpass Filter White Paper

AsiaSat introduces its BPFs to protect C-band traffic against out of band interference due to 5G deployment. This white paper outlines the unique benefits of this new product and how it was extensively tested....

Sep 2019

The Path to "Empowering" Orbital Slots

By utilising the valuable and scarce orbital slot resources efficiently and leveraging powerful ground technologies, AsiaSat has been able to offer high-value and reliable communications services. Read this article about how AsiaSat has continued to innovate to achieve this mission.

Jun 2019

Patent: Methods and Systems for Improving Spectrum Utilisation for Satellite Communications

This is the 2nd patent AsiaSat received from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It is about the methods and systems to mitigate the imbalance of uplink and downlink spectrum allocation in satellite communications that can prove to be of huge benefits...

Aug 2018

The Importance of Retaining C-band for Satellite Service in the Asia-Pacific Region

This document discusses the essential role of FSS in the socio-economic development of many countries to provide vital services and the techniques to improve the potential for sharing between the IMT and FSS.... 

Jun 2018

Gateway Network Rollout Methods for a Future VHTS System

This paper presents some concepts on the VTHS gateway rollout scheme. The practical implementation of these concepts may be tied to specific satellite payload design and space-ground segments control management system features...

Jan 2018

Future HTS Satellite Output Section Design

This paper describes and compares the feasible output section technologies and implementation configurations that can practically improve the future HTS’s throughput and flexibility...

Sep 2017

Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) - Effects and Causes on Ku-band DTH Network

This white paper reviews the relationship between adjacent satellite interference and dish size, space separation and throughput, and how to mitigate interference...

May 2017

Patent: Methods and Systems for Providing High-Speed Connectivity to Aircraft

This is AsiaSat's first patent obtained from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It is about the methods and systems that enable effective aviation communication via satellite over a broad area at high altitude....

Aug 2016

Challenges of launching a real full-time UHD channel on a satellite

This paper examines some of the challenges that broadcasters and content providers would face in launching a full-time UHD channel via satellite, and some recommendations and solutions from the industry...

Jul 2016

Satellite Interference Geolocation Considerations

To utilise assigned spectrum resources effectively, geolocation is a practical and proactive method to locate the source of interference and help tackle interference issues. This paper talks about how geolocation is applicable in interference mitigation methods...

May 2016

UHD Transmission with DVB-S2X via Satellite

This article discusses about UHD transmission via satellite utilising the advanced DVB-S2X technology, which will become the benchmark of the new generation DTH service....

Q2 2015


This document discusses about the network architecture and connectivity of a HTS system and the satellite technologies required for HTS applications........

Sep 2015

The Evolution and Impact of Ultra HD

This paper is about the development of UHD broadcasting and its impact on the broadcasting industry, and how the advent of HEVC technology has facilitated satellite-delivered UHD video delivery in Asia and around the world....

Aug 2015

Application of a Dual Satellite Geolocation System on Locating Sweeping Interference

This paper describes an application of a dual satellite geolocation system on identifying and locating the unknown source of uplink sweeping interference....

Sep 2012

Measured Downlink Adjacent Satellite Interference of C-band Satellites with 2° Orbital Separation

This paper presents a study of adjacent satellite interference (ASI) of two C-band commercial satellites, which are linear polarised, with 2 degrees orbital separation in geostationary orbit....

Sep 2012