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Protect C-band Resources Centre

Protect C-band Resources Centre

AsiaSat White Paper : Choosing the Right Spectrum for 5G

Higher data rates, ultra-low latency and massive machine-type connections, these are some of the promises of the fifth generation (5G) mobile communication that have caught tremendous media attention.....

May 2020 

Antenna intalled

AsiaSat White Paper:A Real-World Case in Solving a Problem with BPF Installation

This white paper summarises what AsiaSat has learned from troubleshooting a problem involving BPF installation....

Apr 2020

Antenna intalled

AsiaSat 5G Interference Rejection Bandpass Filter White Paper

AsiaSat introduces a series of BPFs to protect C-band traffic against out of band interference as a result of 5G deployment. This white paper outlines the unique benefits of this new product and how it was extensively tested....

Sep 2019

The Importance of Retaining C-band for Satellite Service in Asia-Pacific Region

This document discusses the essential role of FSS in the socio-economic development of many countries to provide vital services and the techniques to improve the potential for sharing between the IMT and FSS.... 

Jun 2018 

C-band Interference due to Aircraft and how to Mitigate its Impact

Similar to WiMAX, BWA and IMT, aircraft altimeter is also a common source of interference for C-band satellite reception. This white paper examines the causes of interference due to aircraft and how to mitigate its impact on FSS service..... 

Sep 2016 

Join AsiaSat’s Efforts to Protect our C-band Satellite Networks

This paper discusses about the new terrestrial applications that are threatening C-band satellite networks and ways to reduce the effect of interference from BWA/IMT....

15 Jul 2015 

Registration of C-band Earth Stations to Acquire Protection from Terrestrial Interference

This document introduces the importance of earth station registration to protect C-band Fixed Satellite from terrestrial interference and provides suggestions on the kind of earth stations to be registered.….