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Ultra HD in Asia

AsiaSat has taken great effort since 2014 to promote knowledge and awareness of Ultra HD in Asia. In January 2014, AsiaSat cooperated with Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited to demo a live Ultra HD broadcast through AsiaSat 3S. AsiaSat satellites also supported Ultra HD broadcast of international sporting events, for example, the first-ever live telecast of the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches held on 28 June (Round of 16), 4 July (Quarter-Final) and the Final on 13 July 2014 in Brazil.

Furthermore, AsiaSat believes an in-depth knowledge on the actual performance of equipment and thorough understanding of different compression technologies will be highly beneficial for our customers to identify the best possible solution and the support they need. With that, AsiaSat established an Ultra HD research laboratory in 2014 and joined hands with various partners in promoting and accelerating the reception of Ultra HD content in Asia. The laboratory is tasked to evaluate end-to-end Ultra HD solutions including playout, compression technologies, compatibility of satellite transmission and reception, as well as different types of content through on-air satellite transmissions. A series of tests were successfully conducted using different HEVC encoding equipment, including off-line and real time solutions, in order to determine the optimum configuration and to understand the limitations of the existing systems.


Fig1. AsiaSat's UHD Channel Logo: 4K-SAT

These tests enabled AsiaSat to optimize the data rate required and understand how to provide the most effective solution to our customers. Furthermore, AsiaSat evaluated the user interfaces of different Ultra HD equipment such as file transcoder, playout, etc. to assess user friendliness of the equipment. AsiaSat will continue to test and evaluate new Ultra HD equipment in the AsiaSat research laboratory as they develop and provide update to the market.

 AsiaSat announced the launch of its first Ultra-HD (UHD) television channel “4K-SAT” in October 2015. 

The UHD channel now on the more powerful AsiaSat 9’s UHD platform is available free-to-air across the satellite’s enormous footprint, spanning from New Zealand to Pakistan and part of the Middle East and encompassing more than 50 countries and regions. Asian TV operators and home viewers with an AsiaSat 9 C-band antenna and a HEVC set-top box will be able to receive the free-to-air UHD channel in native UHD quality.

Receive ‘4K-SAT’ free to air on AsiaSat 9 with the following reception parameters:

Orbital Location: 122°E

Transponder: A9-C13H

Downlink Frequency: 4120 MHz

Downlink Polarisation: Horizontal

Transmission Standard: DVB-S2

Compression Standard: HEVC

Modulation: 8PSK

Symbol Rate: 29.72 Msym/sec

FEC: 5/6


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