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30 Years staff

Janus Lam, Senior Secretary

Janus was one of the longest-serving staff in the engineering and operations team before she joined the CEO office in 2018. With a passion for volunteering and helping others, Janus is one of the most active participants in the company’s CSR activities.

Fred Ho, Vice President - Technical Operations

Embarked on a career as one of AsiaSat’s very first recruited satellite engineers, Fred is now leading teams of satellite operations, satellite engineering, and earth station and infrastructure engineers 7x24 looking after a fleet of 7 operational satellites and Tai Po Earth Station which is equipped with TT&C and teleport facilities.

Betty Tse, Manager – Accounting

Betty is presently the longest-serving staff at AsiaSat. Working in the Finance Department from the days the company was incorporated, undertaken IPO and now a private company, Betty has witnessed and contributed to all these exciting developments.

William Ma, Director of Engineering

Joined AsiaSat in December 1989 when he was a fresh university graduate, William is now AsiaSat’s Director of Engineering, one of the few colleagues who have participated in all of AsiaSat’s satellite missions – counting from number 1 to 9!