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Warm wishes and congratulations from our respected partners and friends! (By alphabetical order)

Messages from our Partners and Friends

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Warm wishes and congratulations from our respected partners and friends! (By alphabetical order)

Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT)

"On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of AsiaSat, I wish to express my warmest congratulations on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT). This is a remarkable milestone to celebrate your journey of service excellence to the industry. As an Affiliate Member of the APT, AsiaSat has been active in its cooperation and contribution to the work of the APT particularly in the area of satellite communication. We wish AsiaSat even greater success in the years to come and look forward to our growing collaboration."

— Areewan Haorangsi, Secretary General

Au-Yeung, Henry

"About 30 years ago, I witnessed the start of the first private satellite company in Asia and I have always been honoured to be one of the engineering team members contributing to the founding success.  This is AsiaSat which has gone through the many stages of success development since the procurement of AsiaSat 1 to the latest AsiaSat 9 operating in orbit.  

In any industry today, there are inevitable disruptive changes that create opportunities and threats to any organization.  However, I feel certain that AsiaSat has brought me many valuable and stable friendships that built over the past years.  These are friendships with some of those who still work for the company, many ex-colleagues who have left the company, ex-colleagues who have retired,  and also with many friends from all parts of the world who have a strong passion working in the satellite industry.  I am very grateful to AsiaSat that brought me these friendships.

This is not a just a corporate anniversary, it’s an anniversary of many non-forgettable friendships that only grew stronger every year.  I wish AsiaSat many more years of unparallel success ad congratulations on this special day. Happy 30th anniversary!"

— AsiaSat Staff (1988-1992), Presently SVP Technology, PCCW Global

Photo caption: (Second from the right) Henry, with colleagues from Engineering and Operations Dept. of AsiaSat during AsiaSat 1 launch live broadcast at HKCEC on 7 Apr 1990


"I cordially congratulate the whole team of AsiaSat on the 30th year milestone of the launch of your first satellite, AsiaSat 1.

Over the past thirty years, the company has gone a long way of development and rightfully occupies a deserved position in the Asian telecommunication market. The trust of large customers and recognition of the professional community confirm the high quality standards of AsiaSat.

On this remarkable event, I wish your company further growth, development, success, and confidence for the future! Happy anniversary!"

— Rashad Nabiyev, Chairman of the Board of Azercosmos

Bupa Hong Kong

"Bupa congratulates AsiaSat for its 30th Anniversary. We have a long-standing partnership with AsiaSat, supporting them to offer high quality health and wellbeing protection for the benefit of their employees. We look forward to building a stronger collaboration in the years to come. May we wish them every success in the future!"

— Andrew Merrilees, General Manager 

Carroll, Thomas

"AsiaSat 4 was the fourth of four satellites being built by Boeing (Hughes) Satellite and the third satellite to be launched by International Launch Services.   The satellite was prepared to launch, and the date would have been 10 April (USA) / 11 April (HK), however weather delayed the launch until 11 April (USA) / 12 April (HK).

AsiaSat presented ILS a Jade Ram (Sheep) statue to commemorate the successful launch of AsiaSat 4, which was prominently displayed as part of a long history of launching satellites for AsiaSat. This was the start of my wonderful experience working with AsiaSat and will always hold fond memories of the people (present and past) on the various projects.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude in developing my career to Dr. Ya Chiu, Peter Jackson, Bill Wade, Sabrina Cubbon, Roger Tong, Fred Ho, Fred Vong, Sue Yeung, Catherine Chang and many, many more at AsiaSat.  I will always try to use those lessons for every aspect of my future.

Wish continued success to everyone at AsiaSat."

Photo Caption: The Ram was the gift AsiaSat presented to ILS to celebrate AsiaSat 4’s successful launch in 2003, Year of the RAM

China Great Wall Industry Corporation

"Warmest congratulations on the 30 years' anniversary of AsiaSat! CGWIC is honored to have successfully launched AsiaSat 1 on April 9, 1990, which marked the beginning of our long standing relationship with AsiaSat. We are proud of being part of AsiaSat’s success story since then, and we are more than excited to see AsiaSat growing to be a leading satellite operator in Asia. CGWIC looks forward to strengthening our partnership with AsiaSat in the years to come."

Fu Zhiheng, Executive Vice President


"On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of AsiaSat, I feel extremely excited being one of the CITIC employees who participated in its creation. 

I have the pleasure of witnessing the birth and the development of AsiaSat, from going through the challenges during its formation, to the successful launch of AsiaSat 1, and nowadays the rapid development of its business in the region.  While the international satellite communication market is increasingly competitive, and satellite technologies are evolving rapidly, we hope that AsiaSat will continue to innovate, make progress and create more success stories!"

— Ma Jilong, Ph. D Professor, Former Deputy Chief-Engineer

Cubbon, Sabrina

"Happy 30th AsiaSat ! It was my honour to be part of the team that pioneered Asia’s satellite television industry in those early days, made possible the use of telephones in many parts of rural Asia,  brought into Asia the first bouquet of digital satellite TV channels ( “European Bouquet”),  played a key role in India’s astounding success in its television industry,  enabled the first in-flight broadband services in Asia,  provided the first ‘broadband via satellite’ consumer services in Australia,  introduced global live news and sports broadcasting into Asia ! the list goes on and on !

Congratulations to all my friends there and my best wishes for your continuing success !"

Ex-VP, Business Development & Strategy, AsiaSat

Photo caption: Sabrina with Peter Jackson after the successful launch of AsiaSat 2 on 28 Nov 1995.

DBS Bank (China) Limited

"Congratulations to AsiaSat on the 30th anniversary of its first satellite launch! As the top banking partner of AsiaSat, DBS is honoured to have been a part of AsiaSat’s success over the years, and we look forward to strengthening and growing our close working partnership over the next 30 years and beyond."

Ginger Cheng, Managing Director, Head, Large and Mid-cap Corporates, Institutional Banking Group


"Congratulations to everyone at AsiaSat for a fabulous first 30 years.  I am proud to have contributed as a team member who developed the AsiaSat 2 proposal from Lockheed Martin’s predecessor company General Electric Astro Space.  It is with great pride that AsiaSat 2 was an endless workhorse serving you and your customers for many years and was just retired not long ago.  We all were excited to have been given the opportunity to be a part of your storied past.  We all wish you well over your next 30 years.  Again, congratulations."

Christopher G. Baran, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer