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Warm wishes and congratulations from our respected customers! (By alphabetical order)

Messages from Our Customers

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Warm wishes and congratulations from our respected customers! (By alphabetical order)

ABP Network

"On the behalf of ABP Network, I would like to congratulate AsiaSat for completing 30 glorious years in the business. Our fruitful association has enabled us to expand our footprint across the country with extremely efficient and hassle free uninterrupted signal quality thus easing distribution of our network channels. This is a testament of our technology powered path and we look forward to further strengthening our existing relationship."

— Avinash Pandey, CEO

Al Jazeera

"And some breaking news here on Al Jazeera.  AsiaSat is celebrating its 30th birthday. 30? Already? Blow me they look good for it.  Happy Birthday AsiaSat.  You are awesome. Lots of love from all of us here Al Jazeera."

— Adrian Finighan, Senior Principle News Presenter

Beijing Asia Pacific East Communication Network Ltd.

"We are very pleased about our long time relationship with AsiaSat.  APECN started using AsiaSat in 2002.  Through our self-developed satellite data distribution platform, we deliver programme content to local TV stations, with a market share of more than 90%.  AsiaSat has been providing us with great service.  We congratulate AsiaSat for its 30 years of service in Asia, and we look forward to more cooperation in the future."

— Li Zhiyuan, General Manager

China Petroleum & Gas Pipeline Telecom & Eletricity Engineering Corporation (CNPC)

"Congratulations on AsiaSat’s tremendous achievements over their 30 years of service in Asia!  For more than a decade, AsiaSat has been providing CNPC high performance satellite capacity and quality transmission services.  We are glad that we have extended our cooperation with AsiaSat through the establishment and operation of CNPC's satellite communications system. AsiaSat's exceptional service and our long-term friendly cooperation relationship have enabled us to focus on providing high quality satellite communications service to the petroleum and gas industry.  We look forward to more extensive cooperation in the future."

Zhu Jianxin, General Manager

China Telecom

"We are very grateful for our long-term partnership with AsiaSat.  We started using AsiaSat’s satellites in 2010.  We hope to continue our close collaborative relationship with AsiaSat in the future."

—Lyu Junli, Satellite Branch General Manager

Connect TV

"We have been working with AsiaSat for over 14 years now. Not only is this a great global platform with the ability to deliver a solution regardless of its complexity, however we put even more emphasis on the people that make this company great. Our relationship has been getting stronger and stronger over years with both Raymond Chow and Rey Anthony Chan working 24/7 to make sure we are well looked after. This type of relationships builds a great partnership."

Gennady Volchek, CEO

Eurovision Services

"AsiaSat has been a long-term partner of ours since 1999, providing us with excellent satellite capacity and transmission services to deliver top quality sport content to broadcasters and TV networks in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the years, we have expanded our collaboration to include 4K transmissions distribution to the international broadcasting community. We congratulate AsiaSat on their 30 years and beyond and look forward to a stronger collaboration in the years to come."

Marco Tinnirello, CEO

FOX Networks Group

"The partnership between AsiaSat and FOX Networks Group Asia spans more than two decades, dating back to 1991. Since then, the broadcast technology landscape in Asia has seen numerous changes, but through it all our two organizations have enjoyed mutual success across an expanding collaboration. AsiaSat’s exceptional service and efforts to set up a dedicated broadcast centre for our suite of Asia and Middle East channels has enabled us to feed our consumers’ voracious appetite the best, first, live and most exclusive entertainment. Congratulations to AsiaSat on celebrating 30 years in the region, and we look forward to another 30 years to come."

Mike Whittaker, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific and the Middle East

France 24

"From the very beginning of its expansion over Asia in 2010, France 24 chose AsiaSat to distribute its French and English channels. It has proved to be a successful choice,  allowing France 24 to rapidly reach a significant number of households able to receive the channel in the Asia and Pacific region and then develop its notoriety and audience. Operations have always been smooth and secure with an excellent quality of service delivered to our viewers. We wish a happy 30th anniversary to AsiaSat and we’re sure we’ll be there to celebrate some others in the next decades."

David Couret, Director Technical Solutions - Distribution

GuiderStar Tech

"AsiaSat has always been  GuiderStar’s most important partner in maritime satellite communications.  Our partnership first began in 2014.  From the time we started our cooperation, AsiaSat has been providing professional and reliable satellite communications support for our maritime operation, which gives us the opportunity to establish a self-developed satellite communication operation platform. AsiaSat’s professional service helps safeguard our operation and raise our market share and influence.  On the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary, we wish AsiaSat a happy birthday.   We are also very grateful for AsiaSat’s professional support over the years, and we look forward to more extensive cooperation in the future."

— Li Ran, General Manager